Franchise Model

Franchise Model

We are franchise modal. We provide franchise opportunities all over India and internationally we retail outlets. A franchise is helping to grow quickly. We believe in something for everyone and we are offering that to all.

Unit franchise

In this type of franchise, we are offering a family paan cafe. You can take more than 1 franchise in the same city. There are some basic requirements that you have to fulfil like Minimum 100 - 150 sq ft area in a prime location with heavy footfall. The outlet should be in an authorized place only. Owner profile should be legally clear.


kiosk model is a small, free-standing physical structure that provides many types of services. In the kiosk model, you can get our franchise at a small place with a low investment franchise offer.

Company operated outlet

We came with great USP of our new company-operated franchise. This is a unique concept in this franchise our partner will take advantage of maximum sale regular customers and you will get a huge amount of benefit company and branding and marketing done by the company. company-operated outlet run by the company with the association of partners. company is offering some perks to partners like no franchise fee, no royalty fee, no license fee only partners need to pay for starter kit amount company will split 50% of ongoing cost and equal partner in profit and loss.

Paan on wheels

In the paan on wheels franchise, we are offering a small paan shop at wheel like rickshaw mode. The paan on wheel concept is for that paan can reach every door. Paan on the wheel is easily movable. And a helpful earning source at low investment.

Why choose us for a franchise

We are brand and We offer a unique concept for you. We innovatively serve tradition. Now we are talking about the uniqueness of our concept.

  • We serve 100% tobacco-free paan
  • Easy to start and operational business
  • Safe and hygienic paan
  • Well trained staff for making delicious paan to every outlet
  • 100% vegetarian and safe paan ingredients
  • Low investment with a highly profitable business
  • Safe for all age groups.

How to join us as a franchise partner

If you want to become your boss, don't wait to come and associate with us as a franchise partner. We provide low investment franchise with high ROI anybody can easily take our paan franchise with just simple steps
Step 1: Contact the company via a phone number or email and send in your details as directed. brief your plan and your profile which our management will review.
Step 2: Franchise buyer’s capital must meet the requirements for agreement.
Step 3: The required franchise fee must be paid at the time of the agreement
Step 4: After signing the agreement, we take up to 25 days to launch the franchise.


  • Minimum 100 - 200 sq ft area in a prime location with heavy footfall. Our team will sign an agreement with them that have been booked or have been booked by the company.
  • The outlet should be in an authorized place only.
  • Owner profile should be legally clear.
  • We do not provide our two franchises at the same location within 2 km.


We are not charging any franchise fee. You will only pay for your outlet and that will be you can track. The investment cost is 5 - 5.5 lac. The bifurcation of the price is described below Business starter kit- 3 Lac + GST (Provided by the company only) Food licence.

Returns on the Investment

  • High Return in Low investment
  • Complete return on investment within a period of 10 - 12 months.

What we offer

  • Business starter kit
  • Material And Staffing Support
  • Predefined menu
  • Regular Research and Development of new Flavours of Paan
  • Backup support for staff & Material
  • Social media promotion
  • Online event & marriage booking from the company website
  • Regular visit by the Marketing manager

Business starter kit includes

  • Raw Material
  • Packing Material
  • Operational Equipment and Machinery
  • Staff/ Training
  • Marketing Support
  • Crockery items
  • Containers
  • POS training