Paan Ingredients|Fire Paan|Chocolate Paan|Paan Stall

Paan Ingredients|Fire Paan|Chocolate Paan|Paan Stall

Paan Ingredients

Which Ingredients are needed in the Paan

You will find paan lovers found in Banarasi everywhere in the world. Not only domestic but foreigners are also fans of Banarasi paan. From Bollywood to Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan, everyone has also danced on the banners, but what do you know What is so special about the Pan which has so much discussion? Lime and catechu are added to paan, but what is so special about Banarasi paan lime and catechu is that people go from far and wide to eat this in Banaras. Special banarasi paan stalls are also arranged at the wedding. If you also like the pan of Benaras and you want to eat it right from home Order now at our Mast Banarasi Pan outlets.

Paan Ingredients|Fire Paan|Chocolate Paan

How to make Best Banarasi Paan with our special Paan Ingredients

Best Banarasi Paan In India Ingredients

  • Betal Leaf
  • Lime
  • Saffron Sauce
  • Banarasi Katha
  • male
  • fennel
  • Jammu Chuura
  • Dry Pan
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Gulkand
  • Saffron sticks
  • Betel nut
  • Cardamom

Method of preparation of Best Banarasi Paan In India

Keep the stuff of bannersi paan at home and keep it at home, whenever you feel like making it and eating and feeding it is not only good for taste but also has many health benefits.

First of all take a betel leaf and divide it into two parts.

• Now first lime it. Lime contains calcium which is healthy for you.

• Then add saffron sauce to it for fragrance. Add a sweet smelling fragrance.

• Now add catechu in it. The catechu contains iron, it is made from a girl inside a tree named Khair.

• Then pour some grated coconut, fennel, Jammu chuare, dry paan, broken fruity, gulakand, saffron sticks, grated betel nut and cardamom on the betel leaf.

• Now lift it with the fingers of the betel leaf and close it on both sides and then close it with a toothpick in the middle. Anyone who wants to eat paan can eat it directly with a toothpick by putting it directly in their mouth.

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